Stony Point Acres reserves the right to retain any kid from any breeding.

On our farm breeding pairings are done for performance, show and additional breeding stock. However, we typically will only keep a buck or a doe out of every breeding. Our pricing strategy is as follows and is determined by the dam & sire's accomplishments

Does and Bucks

Prices will typically range from between $400-$700 each for bucks and does.


Wethers are offered for $150, however discounts are offered for multiple purchases. If you purchase more than 2 wethers, each additional wether will be $100.


DAM Achievement

Base Price (FF-First Freshner)            $350

Base Price (2+ Freshenings)                  $400

RGCH win (each), and/or                       $25

Champion Leg (each), or                        $50

Permanent Champion                           $200

Best Udder and/or BIS                           $50

Milk Star                                                $100

E Mammary                                           $100

LA 90+                                                   $100

Sire Achievement

Champion/Reserve Champion @, or     $25

Permanent Champion                            $100

*B/+B                                                       $75

Wethers                                                    $150