On Goat Time HT Hermione

Born: 02/24/2016

SIRE: Elfin Acres F Highland Thistle

SD: SGCH The Lilac Twinkletoes 1*M

SDD: Toehead Royal Riley

SS: Purple Camas Farm Fabio

SSD: Axulia Nefertti

SSS: Mystic Acres Snapdragon

DAM: SGCH Blythmoor Azeri 4*M

DD: SGCH Blythmoor SS Samse 3*M

DDD: Blythmoor HW Spice

DDS: Mystic Acres SnapDragon

DS: SGCH Buttin'Heads Palimony ++*B

DSD: Buttin'heads Wedding Song

DSS: Buttin'heads Pajamars

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